Nerd Life

What took so long?!

I was starting to believe my server issues would never be fixed. After two solid weeks of testing and building, my test word fess installations all lost their login pages and weren’t accepting any credentials enter. The IT staff at my host were able to get all the issues resolved, but I still have to start from scratch on the layout. That’s what I get for not backing up.

Had a pretty good morning thus far. Took off from my house around 8:30 this morning for some laundry and Starbucks before I headed to the park across the street to work on some sketches for school. I have to get these converted to thumbnails before I head to UOP with Jeff and Ryan for Jeff’s film project. I’m so stoked to see their lab! I’m really hoping their student store is open today. A lot of my art supplies aren’t carried in the arts and crafts store here in town, and them carrying the stuff I need will help save time and money.

The stress of life has been hitting me pretty hard lately, but that’s for another time. I’m back to the grind. Good luck and prosper my friends.