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Proving My Worth

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See? I told you I’d be back.

I didn’t realize I had lost my voice until I got to the office today. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that happen, and I’m pretty sure it the first time due to allergies. I found this new layout called Yoko, and I think it’s working out pretty well for me. I haven’t been this happy with a layout for a while. Now begins my journey through thousands of plugins! Is it wrong that I’m so stoked about that?

Jeff, the guys, and I headed to The Abbey this evening for some beers and fish tacos. Their friend, Emily, met up with us later that night. We attempted (and failed) at a few panoramic shots with Microsoft’s iPhone app, Photosynth, but came up on a few really awkward ones in which Jeff’s head was distorted and John had an extra arm with no hand. I better head offline now before I fall asleep on my tablet again. I had no idea it was almost 2 in the morning.

To tomorrow… er, I mean later today!