Nerd Life

You don’t have to go, but you can’t stay here.

Just another day in paradise.

At  least, that’s what I keep trying to remind myself. My day is just a few hours from being over, and my night isn’t looking much more appealing. The plan is to make a semi-girls night with wine, packing, heart-felt stories, and hilarious moments between Lauren and myself. I’ve been contemplating getting a counter for my website’s sidebar to countdown to the day I move (this Saturday). Friday night is going to be very lonely and awkward at my apartment. My excitement lead me to build a schedule for Saturday on my mini-white board. I quickly realized that I should probably invest in a larger white board later down the road. I’ll be picking up my mom Saturday morning so she can check out the new apartment with me and participate in the walk-thru. Hilda and Lauren will be helping me move all my clothes, kitchen wares, and toiletries. At some point, I’ll be picking up a U-haul truck so we don’t end up wasting our Saturday away helping me pack. Jeff and John shall be our muscle men with moving the larger furniture. I’m just hoping that we can beat my AT&T technician to the new apartment in time to have a computer and TV to set-up test my U-verse (24 speed, baby). I’m a little nervous about driving the truck, but I’m sure my IKEA and Target furniture will survive a possibly bumpy ride, right? You guys have NO idea just how excited I am to be movin’ on back to my old complex. Just the fact that I’ll have a built-in washer and dryer alone has me excited beyond belief.

Here’s to no rain tomorrow.