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Post St. Patrick’s Day Bliss

I think I ate to much today. I can’t even bring myself to finish my Teriyaki chicken bowl and crab puffs from Luu’s Chicken Bowl. I love their bowls. Their rice is soft and their sauce is thick and their chick strips are wonderfully proportional. Their crab puffs are better than 90% of the other restaurants in town that serve crab puffs. Believe me, I have made this journey.

We had a pretty calm St. Patrick’s Day, meeting some friends at The Abbey. They had the place wonderfully decorated with garland and green beer. Jeff and I even had the chance to enjoy Irish cuisine with our beers; I had the corned beef plate with potatoes and cabbage with a Guinness cream beer, while Jeff had a corned beef sandwich and chips with his usual St. Bernardus 12.  We ended up going back to their house to listen to Bo Burnham‘s live CD and watch SUPER with Rainn Wilson. It’s definitely a must-see movie. It’s a little like Kick-Ass with just a hint more of realism to it.

This morning, Jeff and I indulged in a hearty, Sunday morning breakfast with pancakes made from scratch, eggs (him scrambled, me over-easy) and microwaveable sausage. The recipe needed to be modified, but seeing as this was my first time making pancakes from scratch I didn’t feel comfortable altering it. The recipe serves 8, but my batch translated to 4 medium/large pancakes and 6 silver-dollar ones. Hopefully, I’ll get a reason to make them again soon so I can see how well it does if I cut the recipe perfectly in half.

With Comic-Con 12 rapidly approaching, buying boots is the last thing I should have done. If only I realized this before I clicked “CHECKOUT”. I got an amazing deal from on their Deare Boots at almost 60% off (dances). My journey for the perfect black leather boots is finally at the end. I’ll be doing a followup post for both the pancake recipe and the boots when the Universe leads me down that path.

Aww, I’m all out of crab puffs. Now I’m sad.

EDIT: Unfortunately,’s inventory system didn’t update when it was time for me to check out and they had to refund me my money back for the shoes. My hunt for the perfect black leather boots continues…