Nerd Life

Room for activities

I love getting random days off, but I hate when I get bored. All I want to do right now is work! What is wrong with me?!

Started off my day with a bit of shopping at the thrift stores in town. I love starting my shopping adventures at Big Valley Thrift here in Stockton. It’s a great location and they have SO many awesome and unique finds. I realized that my true weakness is outerwear, which is odd as most people lean towards jewelry and shoes. I’m pretty sure that I have more jackets and sweaters than I do outfits and shoes combined. So what do I buy at the stores? A jacket, a sweater, and a dress. Damn you Crossroads! I knew I should have just gone straight home. I’d take a picture, but my tripod is lost amongst the boxes and clothes in my room still.

Did I mention that I moved recently? Because I did. Once my lease was up at my odd complex, I high-tailed it back to my old complex that is nothing but gorgeous backgrounds and beautifully done interior design. It also helps that it’s still a fairly new complex. They handed me the keys this past Saturday and, after missing the technician, I was forced to survive 4 days without TV or internet. Thankfully, Jeff and I spent most of those nights at the guys’ house and survived the rest of the time with my Friends and Ugly Betty DVD sets. Jeff is such a trooper for sitting through my TV shows.

I’ve managed to get most of my stuff put away and make this place liveable. I still have a good amount of my kitchen back at the old place. I’m deeply concerned for my storage space at the moment. Luckily, my hand-me-downs will be passed on to a new home where their stories will continue to grow. It’s really hard to go from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 1-bedroom apartment. It’s a lot easier to go from a studio to a 2-bedroom. I’m making it work though.

My issue of Fables came in the other day! I read the first 3 chapters during a lunch break and I am not disappointed. I can’t buy the next deluxe edition book until I get paid next so I’m dragging this out as much as possible.

On a blogging note, I have a TON of product review and outfit posts coming up soon. I think you guys are going to like them. The first one I’m hoping to put out is the Magic Hanger. You might have seen them on TV as advertised as a closet space saver holding up to 5 hangers each. I purchased 2 sets of 8 off Amazon a few weeks ago after my friend, Maryalice, purchased some to organize her closet. I haven’t set all of mine up yet (some assembly and arm-strength required) and I’m still sorting through what I need out and what I need to give away. Oh, I’m so excited for the next month! Yay posts!