Nerd Life

Too much stuff, not enough space!

It feels like the second I think I’m moved in, I find more items that still lack a place of it’s own. I’m still shocked as to how everything looks crammed at my new place, but made my old apartment look livable. Especially considering the fact that at least half of my stuff has been given away.

This past Friday, the guys were given a large collection of comic books for free and I got to take a few as well. The collection was absolutely INSANE! At least four large boxes had to be shifted through and divided amongst everyone. I took home a few Gen13, Wildcats, and Wild C.A.T.s, as well as a few mini-series first issues. The number of duplicate issues in that pile was ridiculous. Luckily, that meant the majority of the group didn’t have to fight over certain popular titles.

Well, I need to get back to reading more from my Fables book. At this rate I’ll never catch up!