Geek Chic

I’m too lazy for my own good sometimes.

Sweater – It’s Our Time for Kohl’s
Shirt – Heart & Hips
Pants – Gap
Shoes – Fioni for Payless

Sweater – Forever 21
Dress – Pinky’s Up
Shoes – (thrifted)
Belt – Unknown (borrowed)
Jewelry – Unknown (thrifted and borrowed)

This has been an epic week for me. It’s not that a lot happened, it just feels like it did. Day Eleven was especially epic. My friend, Bao, took photos of me, forcing me to really step out of my comfort zone. In a good way, of course. The dress made by Pinky’s Up came out incredible. Better than I could have imagined. I can’t wait until we post it up for sale! He’s gradually posting more photos from the shoot on his Facebook page tonight. I don’t recognize the girl in the photos. She’s someone different, someone with confidence and appeal. As Hilda said, “Your inner girlie girl is bursting out.” She was definitely correct. This is why I don’t have a picture for Day Twelve for you guys to see. I had a lazy day.

I’m a tomboy, a nerd; I’m not a girl who strives for beautiful, but rather settles for ok. I understand this is a problem, and these pictures made me realize that I miss striving for more in all aspects of my life. April has been a very enlightening for me.

The drive home this afternoon was insane. Huge hail and tons of water dumping onto my car while trying to drive on the freeway. Then, all of a sudden, everything just slows to light rain just like that. It was confusing and magical. I could feel the value of my car go down with every thunk I heard.

I wish my neighbors were quieter.