Nerd Life

To keep or not to keep?

I’m really a terrible person. I got caught up with weekend cleaning, catching up with friends, and planning future posts that I completely forgot I was doing the outfit challenge still. Something about my weekend excitement felt off, but I just couldn’t quite remember what it was.

There’s too much stuff in my apartment. I just wish I could get rid of it all already. Old magazines that I can’t get rid of yet, wires to things in storage.  My mom offered to swap me desks, my corner piece here for my old writers desk there. The old desk coordinates with the bookcases and tv stand. The couch is cream, but I’ve used a throw cover to change it to black. So much dark furniture in an already fairly small living has made the space appear even smaller. You really start to get the sense of claustrophobia in here. My 90s hand-me-down dining table is too large for my nook and is currently covered in items I have no other space for. My need to purge unused items from my home is too apparent, but where do I begin?