Geek Chic

How Pinteresting!

Pinterest has been very amusing for me this past week. The technology and geek sections have been getting some new materials, which is always refreshing. I even managed to find some great design inspiration and humorous posts! This week, my searches included men’s apparel (future threads for Mr. Lantern), accessories, DIY galore, and typography inspiration. I found some great typography examples that helped me get through a very challenge web comp with retro appeal that threw me completely out of my element. I hadn’t realized my web design skills had become so rusty over the past couple years. I suppose that’s what happens sometimes when you get so used to doing only print design.
I must admit that the bow ties are completely to blame on Matt Smith from Doctor Who. Matt plays the eleventh Doctor, for those of you who don’t watch the show, and his Doctor’s thing is wearing bow ties. Each Doctor has their own thing to make them unique and the same all at once. Mr. Lantern made the mistake of telling me he wished he could start dressing like that and now my Pinterest board, Boyfriend Materials, is starting to flood with all things suits and bow ties. Stupid Matt Smith looking hot and professor-like all at the same time.
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