Nerd Life


I remember the first time I went into a chiropractor’s office, I had a strong feel that I was in an episode of Bones. Despite knowing that I’m in the careful hands of well-trained professionals, there’s just something about my neck being cracked that gives me the heebee geebees.

I went back to my doctor’s for a good cracking yesterday. The last visit I had, my doctor gave me a candle and a pack of Starbursts. I haven’t been given candy by a doctor in years. This time around, the nurse got stuck with anither patient in a separate area, allowing me the chance to squeeze a power nap into my Friday afternoon.

Tonight, I find myself at a friend’s house, watching he and Mr. Lantern play a round of old Gensis games on the Xbox while I recover from my recent Doctor Who bing. I loved David Tennent, I always will. Rose and the Doctor; that’s how it will always be in my heart. That being said, I must agreed with the surveyed population the Matt Smith fully deserves the #1 spot for Best Doctor. Eleventh’s interactions with Amy and Rory are amazing, and the Van Gogh episode is in my top five favorite episodes list.

The new Fiona Apple CD has hit the stores recently. I think you’ be rediculous to not listen and own it for your own collection. Fans will not be let down. It’s very interesting listening to it while watching them play DecapAttack.