Captain's Log

Comic-Con 2012 – Part 1

I haven’t this many people in this small amount of space ever, and this convention center is MASSIVE. According to San Diego Convention Center’s website, there was an expected 126,000 people to attend this event. I’ll have to wait until after the convention to let you know what the actual number was that attended. The above picture was taken on our walk across the street to the front doors. The opposite crosswalk was just as crowded as this one! This has been such a great experience so far!
Mr. Lantern and I managed to get tickets back in March for San Diego Comic-Con International 2012. This was our first time ever attending the event. As soon as the daily schedules became available online, I have been obsessively planning for our hourly schedule, who we want autographs from and what booths to hit. There is no preparing for Comic-Con. It is just chaos at all times. I also recommending remembering key points and the surrounding booths. There are times when you can’t walk through certain areas and have to go down random isles, and your sense of direction gets hit hard. Also, if you go with someone else, select an easy-to-find rendezvous point. All you have to do then is hope for the best.
We ended up not being able to get into the panels we wanted to check out thus far, but I managed to get the one I cared the most about – Power Rangers: 20 Year and Beyond. A few hours later, I got an autograph and a picture with Walter Jones (Zack, First Gen. Black Ranger). It was amazing! Nerd fact: Power Rangers has been my all-time favorite superhero series. I had the stupidest grin on my face for almost an hour. The boyfriend also got a picture with him. It was cool. I’m currently attempting Shout! Factory’s scavenger hunt for a free Power Rangers shirt. 
Random House Audio is offering fan fiction writers the chance to a 5-minute audo recording of one of their stories for free. One lucky writer will be chosen to have their work of fan fiction recorded by Jonathan Davis, audiobook series narrator for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I don’t think I’ll win, but I just keep think about how incredibly awesome it would be if I did. I will be recording mine this Sunday and will be posting it online when I get it. For those of you who might know me from, I’ll be posting a link to that post on the story I chose. I really don’t know which one I’m going to end up doing. 
Well, my laptop battery is dying and I have some intense reading to do.
Until next time…