Geek Chic

How Pinteresting!

Chuong Pham (akarasune)
Board: Appealing Apparel
Jennifer Holland (jjahholland)
Board: Geeky Greatness

In honor of Comic-Con International 2012 beginning tomorrow with Wednesday Preview Night, I thought it would be a good idea to touch on a little geek chic. Over the past few days, I’ve be searching for some great geek chic boards on Pinterest. These two, out of the many I’ve seen, really stood out.

Chuong Pham has a great variety of pins from Power Rangers dresses to Doctor Who hoodies, Pokemon jewelry to video game themed sneakers. If you’re looking for more geek-related items, feel free to check out his other boards. Chuong does a great job with chosing his pins!
Jennifer Holland brings out the cute side of nerd-dom in her board. I end up getting stuck staring at the robots and Doctor Who pins! There’s also a decent amount of DIY inspiration/instruction pins to get your creative juices flowin’. Her home goods pins are making it very difficult not to spend all of my vacation money right now.
Looking at all of these video game and comic book pins, it’s becoming harder and harder to stay focus on the day ahead. Here’s to hoping I get to bed early enough tonight to be ready for the drive!