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Life in an Instant: 4-Legged (and more) Friends

Looking back at my Instagram feed for the past week made me realize that I dealt with animals a lot. From watching Mr. Lantern and Fiona ham it up a few nights ago (top left), to house and dog-sitting for my parents yesterday (top right). Poor Chucky has been having some bad allergy problems lately. I turned to check on him sitting on the couch only to find that he had double-wrapped himself in the couch cover with his head peeking out enough to watch TV. His doctor is still trying to determine what exactly it is that he’s allergic to. I feel so bad for him.

I’ve been working on a new corporate identity since Thursday. It’s kicking my ass hardcore. Retro is not my thing, but I’m trying. I’m just glad I’ll be presenting it before I leave for Comic-Con.

THAT’S RIGHT! COMIC-CON IS HAPPENING IN 10 DAYS BABY! The Man and I are tickled to death right now. It’s going to be so amazing. I’m completely unprepared for it. Still mapping out restaurants and extra things for us to do just in case we get bored at night. Expect my social feeds to get blown up with updates of win.