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Life in an Instant: Of Birthdays & Crafts

I hate cleaning. I spent 4 hours at a shopping center today just to avoid cleaning. On the up side, I got to experience what it was like walking into a brand new Walmart and having it be quiet inside with polite patrons. You know your town is poor when they open three Walmarts within 10 minutes of each other.

I celebrated my 26th birthday this past Friday. The day was better than I could have hoped for! I walked up to my office and found “happy birthday, Joey” signs all over my window, a box of cake mix (inside joke) and a couple of birthday cards at my desk. The guys in the IT department gave me a donut, and joined a few of my people from my department and a friend from another for sushi at lunch time.

That evening, I rushed to my parents house with a bag full of delicious Red Lobster meals for dinner. The highlight: my grandma sang me happy birthday.  My grandma had a slip and broke her arm a few years ago. Since then, her health has been going downhill fast. In the end, we found out she has Dementia, was diabetic, and needed 24-hour care as she was losing the strength to walk on her own. She even signed my birthday card all by herself! When she started singing to me, my parents and both stopped what we were doing and just stared in awe at her with watery eyes. Even now, I’m having a hard time typing this out without crying! That single moment solidified my 26th as the best birthday I’ve ever had. Did I mention she’ll be 97 in October this year? Yeah, my grandma’s kind of a G.

Jeff picked me up later that night and took me to The Abbey for drinks with our friends and some cake afterward. I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am the next morning. I was SO tired the next morning, despite not having had much to drink. I think being up for 20 hours straight has that effect on you.

I had a good crafting session with the girls yesterday attempting to paint on the handles of silverware as seen in this pin on Pinterest. It did not end well. I’m not quite sure if it was the fact that I laid them out to dry on newspaper or if maybe I put on too many layers, but the paint is not staying on and the colors are rubbing off on each other. I’m tempted to scrape the paint off and try for round two next weekend. We decided that Mondays will be our official craft night, now that Blackwater Cafe has closed it’s doors for good and Monday Jazz Night is no more. The pressure to get my apartment in first-time visitor shape, as well as organized, is greater than I can handle. I’m cracking. It feels like the more I do, the worse it gets somehow. It probably doesn’t help that I’m watching Whitney on Hulu while blogging and doing laundry. Speaking of which, I should probably deal with that right now.