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Life in an Instant: Of Geekery and Adventures

I’m officially over this weather. It’s been over 100 degrees these past few days and it won’t cool down until Wednesday. It’s going to be 102 today and tomorrow. This is ridiculous. Be grateful if you’re on the coast. What sucks even more is that I’ve been able to miss a lot of the major heat waves due to traveling for vacation or work, so this is the most I’ve been exposed to it in a while.

The photo shoot I did in San Jose for work was both entertaining and energy-draining at the same time. When you’re not used to that particular type of project, the time can get away from you very quickly. A two-day shoot felt like it was a week long. Luckily, our shots came out amazingly! I can’t wait to see what the final products look like post-editing.

I’ve been feeling pretty artsy-fartsy lately. As you can see above, I worked on a little braided bracelet project with a chevron design using red, blue, yellow, light gray and black. I’d been in design mode so much that I wanted a piece that reflected it. Jeff realized too far in that I cut the floss WAY to short. I found a craft post on where the crafter worked a chain into the bracelet to make it wrap around the wrist. Unfortunately, I closed the tab too earlier and haven’t been able to find it since. It works for now, but I plan on redoing it soon. Right now I’m building a pastel blue and green one with 4 strings at the appropriate length to see how it works. Piece of advice: these bracelets take a LOT of time to build, so prepare yourself for that if you think you’ll be able to pump one out in a night to wear out the next day. Four hours later and I only built about an inch’s worth.

On a side note, Stockton had its very first comic book convention at the UOP basketball court two Sundays ago and it was awesome! Everyone who went will tell you that they expected around 200 people to show up. After the event, we found out that 5000 tickets were sold and that at any given moment throughout the day, one would see roughly 3000 people there. That is amazing people! Visitors and exhibitors traveled from San Francisco, Sacramento, and even Davis to see what it would be all about. Check out the top left image to see the floor plan. They held panels in the far left corner where the black curtains are. Next to that area, they held Magic the Gathering tournaments. Not my cup of tea, but still great to see that entire area filled up with people enjoying themselves. In the middle area (above where you see the huge McDonald’s logo) they had the Artist’s Alley, featuring many independent writers and artists. The boys and I had the pleasure of meeting Timothy Green, an artist for companies such as DC and Marvel, who was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

Since I didn’t have enough time or funds to put a costume together for the event (I was going to go as The Wasp from Disney Channel’s The Avengers), I went Wonder Woman themed and stuck to the tradition red, blue, and gold for my outfit of the day. This is now one of my favorite outfits to strut in.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan & Tank – Forever 21
Jeans – American Rag
Shoes (black flats with flowers, not shown) – Brash for Payless Shoes
Purse – Mossimo Supply Co. for Target
Accessories – Claire’s and thrifted