Nerd Life

This has been a very long day.

I took a morning trip with my mom to Ikea to get a few things for our homes, and came out with random items we ended up needing. I figured if I’m going to be buying a couch, I should probably know how comfy it is before dropping a lot of dough on it.

Barstools – $20
Pillows – $8
Drafting table – $65
Dish rack – $12
New plates – $26
Magazine holders – $2
Other decor – $6
Budget Remaining = $1361

I’ve been doing really great with my budget though, as well as with getting rid of unnecessary items. Having seen what’s actually inside my home has helped so much with what to do as far as organizing and decoration options go. I found things I completely forgot I had. I even think I might have found my short-range lens that’s been missing for almost two years! After the main portions of the apartment are done, I’ll be focusing on my bathroom and bedroom. Those two will be the easiest to complete, but I don’t want to attempt until I know how the rest of the place is going to end up like.

Alright, it’s late and my focus is currently on Grimm. Hopefully, I’ll have progress photos to show tomorrow afternoon. Good night!