Nerd Life

Aren’t you too old for that?

There’s a fine line between enjoying the things you loved as a child in your adult years and failing to mature to the age you are now. When you’re between the ages of 18 and 29, it’s very difficult to figure out where you fall. It’s that oh-so-lovely stage of your life when you’re trying to figure out what you want, who you are and where you want to go before you reach your thirties. A lot of people I know that are around my age (26, incase you were wondering) that are fighting for the respect of their peers to be seen as a mature adult, as well as fighting to do as many stupid things as possible before they’re no longer considered a “teen.” Speaking from personal experience, it’s extremely difficult and damn near a losing battle. Unfortunately, I nor anyone else I know seems to have a fail-safe plan on figuring all of it out.

As a “nerd,” I deal with these issues quite a bit. I get a lot of jokes on a daily basis about being too old for cartoons and comic books. I also get a few weird looks when I tell people I love to play video games. The fact that I love fashion is what throws people off the most. How can I love such frivolous things and such adult topics all at the same time? Because no one ever gave me a good enough reason as to why I shouldn’t. While my MO is to enjoy what I want to for as long as I feel like, it can be difficult to not have a smidgen of self-consciousness about it all.

I started a craft project yesterday involving quotes and comic books, and a friend gave me a great idea to use the quote, “You’re never too old.” She told me that it would fit me and my home quite well. This quote hit me in more places than anyone expected it to. There’s so much truth in such a simple saying, that I decided to make a quick list of all of the things I could think of that you’re never too old for (in no particular order).

  1. Cartoons
  2. Fairy tales and the belief of happy endings
  3. Finishing your degree
  4. Finding love
  5. Landing your dream job
  6. Games (video, computer, board)
  7. Crossing things off your bucket list
  8. Traveling to new places
  9. Trying new foods
  10. Indulging in guilty pleasure shows (you know which ones I’m talking about)

There are so many aspects of life that you can never be too old for that it’s really difficult to think of them all. Some vague, some very specific. Have you experienced these types of moments before? What were the things you were told you were too old for? Did this deter you away from loving those things? Did you ever start loving them again? Let me know. My challenge to you is to take a moment to indulge yourself in those passions. Let me know if your taste has changed, or if it stayed the same. Remember, you’re never too old.