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Bye, Janine. You suck.

August seems to have a solemn taste to it with the number of goodbyes I’ve had to give. Last week, Hilda and I said our goodbyes to our very dear friend and model, Janine, before she had to head back to college and get the degree that tells her she’s ok to save the planet. And what better way to see her off than with a week filled with dinner, coffee, music and shopping! The girls and I made it to the last Concert in the Park event, held at Victory Park here in Stockton, last Wednesday and grooved to the funky tunes of Abba cover band, Waterloo.We checked out Lodi’s flea market last Friday (opened earlier this year) to see if we could score some great finds. We were not disappointed! Hilda took home some sweet jewelry in amazing condition, and I found pieces to a few craft puzzles I’ve been trying to solve. It was a small venue, but the fact that it was a Friday morning probably had a lot to do with that as well. We still had a good time! I’m going to miss that kid.