Nerd Life

How the other half lives

My work iPhone took a dump this past week, which means I have had limited mobile access to my social feeds. I feel like a normal personal who uses normal phones, who doesn’t spend their life on the internet at all hours of day. It’s weird. I can’t even post to Instagram right now. That has been the most difficult part in all of this. I went to The Abbey with the boyfriend and some of our friends Saturday night, and a friend was letting me get my Insta-fix while he checked his feed. It was very sweet of him. The only feed I was really able to check was Facebook. For those of you who don’t know already, I’m kinda anti-Facebook for the same reasons I was anti-MySpace: it destroys lives and can turn you into a really horrible person.

However, I did have access on my work iPad to Pinterest and have some really great posts lined up. If you follow me on good-old Pinterest, you’ll notice that I’ve started a new board called, Geek Chic. It’s where I post clothing and accessories inspired by fictional characters. This past weekend, I had a great time looking for clothing from those pins to wear in real life and I’ll sharing them here on my blog! I already have about 3 so far. (Thank you, thrift stores!) I can’t wait to show you guys!