Nerd Life

Note: If you didn’t see this on Friday, it’s because I forgot to hit “Publish”. My bad.

Oh Fridays, how you make the work week worth getting through.

My whole week thus far has been overwhelmed with returning shows, company lunches, projects up to my eyeballs, and catching up with friends. I don’t even know how I’m going to make it through the weekend with a trip to Fry’s and Ikea with my dad, aunt and uncle tomorrow (none of them have been to Ikea before), and a possible outing with my family to the San Joaquin County Fair on Sunday. The fair is still up in the air, though. The temperature here is supposed to get up to the 100s by Monday, and the fair might be a bad idea. Seriously, Fall. Where are you? This is the only bad aspect of living in California (other than the fact that our state is broke); if you love experiencing all four seasons, you need to live in extremely specific areas. Otherwise you usually end up with about 2 1/2 (Summer and Winter, with a dash of Spring or Fall depending on how the Summer goes).

The closer it gets to Saturday, the more I want to just say “screw it” and buy my new couch already. I want my new couch, you guys! I want to lounge out in front of the TV without having to force Jeff to sit in awkward positions so I can stretch these long legs out. I have a tiny little loveseat and it doesn’t quite hold up.

In home front news, I’m two letters away from completing my handmade quote to go on my wall, and about 75% organized – and it only took six months! I’m terrible. Once the front portion of the house is finished I’ll focus back in on my bedroom. Still looking for a nice, but cheap, dresser to replace my childhood one. Great for little kids clothing, terrible for adult clothing.