Nerd Life

Reflections in Reflections

After having a pretty rough start to my day, I decided to whip out my Nikon, grab some Burger King and head out to Lodi Lake for some breathing space. I went from being near tears to a serene state of mind. The breeze made ripples in the water, and at one point I was sure that the ground beneath me would be carried away with it. I willed it as hard as I could, because going back meant walking back into my stress box for another 4 hours and I wasn’t quite ready for that. Right before I caught sight of the geese I noticed how the sun was reflecting in the water, like little twinkling lights under the surface. I’ve seen it happen on TV and heard people talking about it, but I realized that I had never noticed it before today. As I looked across the water, I saw that autumn was brushing its fingers across the leaves of the trees. 
The thing about summer in California is that you never really know when it’ll end. I’ve seen years where I’d be in Pacifica Beach playing in the sand with friends in the middle of November. I’ve also seen heavy rainfall in early September. My hope is that the summer sun drags its heels in the sand again this year and extends autumn into early December again. Fall is, by far, my favorite season. Cozy sweaters, comfy boots, crisp leaves on the ground, and cuddling with my honey with a cup of coffee. And we can’t forget the fall line up of TV shows and fashion! I can’t wait to put away my summer-only clothing and whip out my winter weather threads!
My Tito Ed and Tita Ollie landed earlier today from the Philippines to stay with my parents for a few months to see my grandma, who will be celebrating her 97th birthday next month. My mom and her friend are currently driving them home from San Francisco International Airport. I’ll be stopping by to see them on my way home. Another reason to help turn my mood around! My family’s been really excited about this visit because it’s been over four years since my Tita Ollie’s come to the US. Now that I think about it, that’s around when Jeff and I first started dating. My how the years go by.