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How Pinteresting!

My latest obsession with Pinterest has been checking out and adding to all of the character-inspired outfits. It’s a great way to appreciate your favorite characters, while still adding fantastic additions to your closet! I’ve already purchased a few really great items for my closet to replace some pieces that desperately needed to be decommissioned. With the addition of my beautiful new dresser, I now have the space for all of these.

The best part about how well these collages were put together is that you can mix up any of these pieces with other outfits. When I got ready for my shopping adventures, I printed out copies of every single outfit and almost all of them had pieces in common with another. I was also able to make sure I didn’t purchase something I already had. Like with all shopping lists, you forget some things and pick up other delights. My shopping magic came back around when I forgot my list altogether and found a ton of amazing pieces I didn’t even think I needed, including a deer brooch that looked an awful lot like Bambi, a silver halter dress, and a gold brooch with a bow and locket!

Dalek Outfit –
Hedwig Outfit –
Hawkeye Outfit –