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I’m a little tea cup, short and stout

For those of you that don’t know, Birchbox is an amazing program that sells samples of great products for a monthly fee of $10. That’s it. Ten dollars. It’s really amazing. A friend of mine got me hooked on them earlier this year, and I’ve found some really amazing products that I’m hoping to share with you soon. I’ve even managed to get a few full-sized products from them, like the stila one step bronze that saved me this summer (for being half-Filipino, I am extremely light skinned), and a neat pair of headphones. You do a simple survey and they customize the box based off your needs.

My October box came with a sample pack of Mighty Leaf Tea Company‘s tea, in Organic Earl Grey, Green Tea Tropical and Organic African Nectar. I fell in love with this tea. The packaging is so adorable! I love the sown edges of the bag. As soon as I opened each packet, I was immediately hit with such wonderful aromas. I will say though, that the string to the bag and the tag get wet after the bag has been in the cup for a while. You’re probably not supposed to leave the tea bag in the entire time you’re using it, but I’m a noob and noobs happen. Mind you, this was after like the 3rd or 4th cup of one of the bags. I couldn’t tell you how long that was because my perception of time is horrendous. Still, I’m making sure I buy more of this tea in the near future.

I started my morning with the Organic Earl Grey instead of my usual cup of decaffeinated coffee, and worried the entire time that I wouldn’t have the energy boost to get me through to lunch. I was very much pleasantly surprised. Having ADHD, it’s recommended that I stay away from caffeinated products, but this tea did just the trick. I didn’t feel twitchy or jittery. I’m not one for Earl Grey like Jeff is, but I could definitely see myself leaning towards it as a permanent replacement for coffee in the morning. The taste was a bit more bitter than what I’m used to having, but the small amount of sugar and honey I added to it fixed that right up.

Usually, my drink of choice after work is a nice can of soda, but this time I switched it up with the Green Tea Tropical. I could smell the scent of sweet tropical flavors right out of the packet with hints of green tea after a few seconds. You can definitely smell the guava in the tea. The taste was amazing! The tropical flavors weren’t overpowering and accented the green tea wonderfully. I’m sad to say that I passed out last night in the middle of drinking my Organic African Nectar tea. I was pretty upset (and greatly disoriented) when I woke up at 1:30 in the morning and realized what I did. Damn this overly comfortable couch! I can tell you, though, that it was delicious.

These teas and more are available on the Birchbox website. Sign up for your account here.

Note: This article was written of my own accord, is an honest opinion and I was not approached by the company to write it.