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Life in an Instant

Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve posted something and you go back the next day to find out you were wrong? That happened to me THREE DIFFERENT TIMES THIS WEEKEND! Including this post.

My grandmother turned 96 last Monday, and we celebrated her birthday in true style: pancake balls for a surprise birthday breakfast, and later at Sizzler’s at four in the afternoon for dinner. She had such a blast! Grandma had a good time eating her finger-food meal in the morning as we donned her with hugs and love. I met up with my family later that afternoon for dinner after running around town trying to get all of the last pieces for her cake pop potted garden. She loved seeing all of the little flowers in her birthday colors. It was so great to have her birthday off and be able to spend the beginning and end of the day with her.

Last Thursday, two close friends of mine and I decided to take a trip out to Europe for my birthday next year. That’s right, I will be spending the day of my birthday in LONDON at the HARRY POTTER EXPERIENCE. It will be a trip of epic proportions. The sauce packet I got from Taco Bell said, “If you never do, you’ll never know.” This became my life motto for the remainder of the week, and what a great way to end it!

Had fun with my mom, uncle and aunt at the Dell Osso Family Farm this past Saturday to enjoy some Halloween fun at the corn maze. These particular family members have never experienced a corn maze before, so I was very excited to walk them through “The Silo” path. Unfortunately, I’m a big scaredy-cat and had to veto going into the haunted mansion with them. I think my mom was pretty disappointed, but she gets scared just as easily as I do so technically, she should have thanked me really.

1. My uncle and aunt checking out the different products at the Dell Osso Country Store.
2. My family next to the the Dell Osso sign.
3. Three little pumpkins at Empresso Coffee House decorated by the staff.
4. My tasty fish taco and pear cider from The Abbey.
5. The sauce packet, my little sign from the universe that going to Europe next year is the right decision.
6. Being classy with my glass of White Zinfindel from Sizzler and my new Forever 21 clutch.
7. This little lady in red.
8. Her birthday bouquet of cake pops.
9. Needed a little pick-me-up to give me the added energy to put together the ultimate gift.
10. The birthday girl enjoying her breakfast.
11. My ham and Swiss sandwich from Big Fellow’s Subs in Stockton for the Stockton Cash Mob event run by my good friend, Lauren Sage.
12. Fiona not caring that Jeff was playing a video game because she was determined to get his attention.
13. My new fancy schmancy cake pop cooker.
14. A lovely free breakfast provided by the company.
15. My friend’s ridiculous supply of nail polishes that we put to good use at our epic Girls Night In two weeks ago (a post to come…eventually).