Nerd Life

Life in an Instant

From top left to bottom right:
1. My aunt and uncle on the side of The Dancing Fox building in Downtown Lodi.
2. Me showing off my cool new mirror I got.
3. Food, vendors, and spectators… oh my!
4. My aunt and uncle next to fall decor near St. Anne’s Church’s mini-festival.
5. The delicious tacos we had while at the mini-festival.
6. Epic photo of Jeff and our friends, Maryalice and Buddy, toasting; Buddy (@smokerbuddy) got a picture of me taking the photo of us toasting and Jeff (@imaferretmaster) got a picture of us taking pictures… until he hit the wrong button and lost the photo before it could post.
7. You can’t go wrong with the New Girl Season 1 DVD and some chicken bowl goodness.
8. One of the most delicious burritos I had in a long time with a friend from work.
9. Me posing awkwardly to show off my new bangs in a cool fashion.
10. Meet Harley, the sweet little gecko I’m petsitting for the rest of this week.
11. Jeff in his brand spankin’ new car.
12. Me being silly for the sake of being silly.

The past few days have seem to go by in a whirl of shopping and spending time with the people I care about. Friday night to this morning is just kinda one big blur. Thursday, I decided to get crazy and cut my bangs, and boy was I not disappointed! I’ll admit that I lost patience waiting for Saturday’s hair appointment, and chopped them down myself to a reasonable length that could be corrected easily if I lost faith in my decision. Since I bought the New Girl DVD, I have been doing nothing but watch the show alone, with Jeff, or with the girls.

Sunday came the bi-annual Lodi Street Fair, where food vendors, crafters and vintage resellers gather to shut down 10 – 12 blocks of the downtown area and celebrate shopping with small businesses. Church Street was lined up and down with talented business owners that sold everything from unique carved statues (which I bought) to beaded jewelry (I still regret not getting a bracelet), from purses to glass plaques. School Street housed the vintage booths, where I found my beauty of a mirror and my uncle snagged some amazing bells. I met my mom, aunt and uncle at St. Anne’s mini-festival adjacent to the fair for lunch and walked around with them until about 3, though it felt like 6, in the cool fall air. It was perfect! I’ll be sure to remember to post pictures this evening or tomorrow of all the neat things I picked up while I was there, included some handmade rings!

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