Nerd Life

Life in an Instant

I’m a few days late on posting this, but I’m just so excited about having a phone connected to Instagram again that I just really don’t care.

1. My dad’s arm featured in my car at the Sonic’s Drive-Thru area.
2. My dad, uncle and aunt pretending to be passed out on an Ikea couch after a hearty lunch.
3. My uncle and aunt in front of their first Ikea building!
4. Like a boss, son.
5. BBQ delights from Famous Dave’s in Tracy, CA.
6. Emily’s awesome birthday decor.
7. Prepping for the meeting we had upstairs about diabetes awareness.
8. My favorite tea (Tazo Passion) in one of my favorite mugs (that also happens to look very teacup like).
9. My uncle’s cupcake. We ran out of candles, so he decided to stick a crab leg in the frosting and pretended to blow it out. He had himself a crab cupcake!