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Of feeling bad and feeling good… at the same time.

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I have been battling a major headache and neck pains for the past 28 hours, and I’m really tempted to see if my boss will let me go home early. Even my coworkers are telling me I “look really out of it”. Just took some Ibuprofen and I’m hoping it kicks in pretty soon. I’m not the kind of person that will just jump to the medicine cabinet when these sorts of things happen, but there’s usually not a Day Two like there is this time. My chiropractor told me to ice my neck. It usually helps, but I’ve just been getting hit with wave after wave. The pain has come to a point where I can’t even eat. It’s not like it’s a crippling pain, more of a dull ache and swelling. These are the things you deal with when you have chronic back and neck pains.

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For those of you current Nickelodeon fans out there, I thought I’d post this fun little piece from Matt Bennett who plays Robbie on Victorious. At the beginning of the new month, Matt posts a video with clips from the past month to a great song. I love the idea of creating a mash-up of your favorite moments over the course of a month and putting them to a song. His videos are simple, but they always make me smile (which I needed for a day like today). I really wish that 1. I did more in a month and 2. that I had the ability to mash today those moments like he does. Unfortunately, I can barely remember to do quick pics with my Instagram feed. Who knows though? Maybe one day you just might find a video like this on one of my feeds, but probably not because I’m terribly lazy.