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Pre-Halloween Enjoyment

My work had their annual Halloween Pot Luck on Friday at lunch, along with a costume contest. My friend and fellow co-worker, Fred, and I dressed up as zombies with full make-up and carefully chosen costumes. Unfortunately, the rest of our department decided not to at the last second, so Fred and I submitted ourselves as a duo in the contest. We had some pretty tough competition this year. My friends Josh and Michael dressed up as Tim and Al from Tool Time from the 90s hit show, Home Improvement. I think Josh was loving that beard a little too much. Another co-worker came in some kind of security guard dress who was a notoriously hilarious man, and our HR Director went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and even had her tiny little dog dress up as Toto. He was SO adorable. As usual, we had more food than hungry mouths. I’m excited to report that Fred and I won! Big thanks to those that voted for us! Josh, Michael and I are already plotting our group costume for next year.

While it’s a little sad that our closest friends will be spending their Halloween out of town, Jeff and I will more than likely make an appearance at The Abbey throwing back a few drinks and enjoying the holiday with others. Most of our friends spend their Halloween participating in San Francisco and Castro Valley’s nightlife. We’re hoping to finally get around to carving our pumpkins and roast the seeds tonight. We really dropped the ball this year on costumes, decorating and general Halloween festivities goodness. I’m a little disappointed as this is my all-time favorite holiday, but this has been a crazy month and my little home is in NO condition for decorating. My couch ended up being a lot bigger than I expected and is currently taking up almost the entire back wall of my living room. I’m kind of regretting purchasing the furniture I have when I was living in my last apartment. My last place was the size of a small house and I had a whole extra room to have as my home office. Unfortunately, it double my travel time to work and was costing me more than it was worth. While this place is much smaller, it’s cozy and is helping me live the minimalistic life. One day, this apartment will be exactly how I want it to look, but in the meantime I clean and sell and store what I can.