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How I made it through this past week unscathed is still beyond me. Between making gifts for my coworkers, finishing up major projects at work and getting my apartment cleaned before the new year (my personal goal that I WILL achieve eventually), I haven’t had enough time to just sit down and think. So, you can imagine just how grateful I was to have remembered my iPad yesterday when I got my car serviced. I’m really glad I stuck around and waited the hour or so. I was also grateful for the free vending machine coffee they gave their customers, which was surprising good!

I have one more day of work before it’s CHRISTMAS TIEM, BITCHEZ! I don’t even mind going into work for a majority of the day, considering they usually let us go early. The offices are quiet and there’s a still calm in the hallways the days leading up to major holidays. The bosses are at home with their families, my coworkers are able to focus on one project at a time for once. The calls are slow, and the plates full of delicious treats that make everyone gain a few pounds that will take weeks of healthy eating and exercise to lose. It really is the best time of the year. You will find me at home the next day, working on a few minor things, before I go back in on Thursday. After Friday, I won’t be seen again in the office until the 2nd. I always enjoy having the ability to work from home. In the office, I tend to go stir crazy when the silence is too silent and the room has too much space for unproductive activities. When I’m home, I feel too guilty not to work and thus get a week’s worth of shit done in a day. Yay hyper-focusing!

Oh! I’m also glad we all survived the end of the world! Did you guys use it as an excuse to get drunk and/or get laid like many I know? Jeff and I enjoyed a few glasses of beer at my place that night, as well, while watching some of our favorite shows. I will admit that part of me was grateful when giant asteroids didn’t plummet out of the sky and the undead remained dead for the night. The Doctor Who Christmas Special isn’t due out for another few days, and I still don’t know who Ted’s baby momma is in How I Met Your Mother. The world can’t end until these secrets are revealed to me, I say!

1. Vending machine coffee at the dealership.
2. IT Christmas tree of code books.
3. My desk Christmas tree.
4. The brownies I made for a few people at work.
5. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (I’m saving these for NYE)
6. StocktonCon Holiday Mini Con 2012 A UOP