Nerd Life

Life in an Instant

I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of writing with a tablet pen. Everything is starting to look much more normal. This has been such a productive past week. Normally, I don’t include Sunday’s posts to Instagram in my “Life in an Instant” posts, but I figured three pictures wouldn’t be nearly as exciting. I got my pictures on my wall and made it to SacCon up in Sacramento today. I even measured out how to cut the mattes for a few comic books I want to frame this evening. I bought a drawing from an artist while I was there of an owl for my room. I can’t wait to finish it to show you guys. I’ve been doing really well so far. Buying my couch through my coworker freed up a lot of my budget.

Barstools – $20
Pillows – $8
Drafting table – $65
Dish rack – $12
New plates – $26
Magazine holders – $2
Other decor – $6
Couch – $140
Photo frames – $25
Owl art piece – $30
Glass bowl (for rings) – $1
Fabric for pillows – $4
Budget Remaining = $1161

I only have a few minor things left to buy; a few frames, a few art pieces that I might end up creating myself, a few figurines, 2 wall sconces, and then I’m good. It’s so exciting to think that I’ll be 100% settled in soon. That’s all I’ve wanted for the past few months. Now, I eat dinner and watch more of BBC’s Couplings.