Captain's Log, Nerd Life

SacCon ’12

This past Sunday, I had the chance to get out to Sacramento for the afternoon and check out Sac-Con with my boyfriend and our friend, Buddy. It was a nice one-day event, and packed with cosplayers. It was pretty sweet checking out all the different costumes and characters that arrived. Looking back, I wish I had taken a few pictures. My photography skills went to the way-side and this is the only shot that came out. It’s a bummer.

I managed to take home this beautiful print of an owl by Z.E. Pangborn. I had seen him once before at the Sacramento Art Festival that I went to last month, but I didn’t have my wits about me enough to pick out one of the many beautiful pieces of art he had to take home. He even did an original drawing on the back of the design! I love it. It looks really cool hanging on my wall and is a great addition to the other art pieces I have, so far.

The boys made out like bandits with their choices of issues and trades. Buddy ended up taking a stack about a foot high of what he needed, and Jeff managed to find a stack of issues with only one missing that’s easily replaceable, if my memory is correct. I was pretty sad when I saw the megazords from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series there for $120-$300. Everything looked so pristine and perfect.

It’s clear that my need to win at least $5000 in a jackpot is growing.

The highlight of my time there was being able to walk past Ernie Hudson and get a warm hello from him. He was there doing autographs and hanging with the local Ghostbusters team, which I thought was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of or with him, nor was I able to get an autograph. The line was a bit long for my sanity and there were too many people in the small room to get a good enough window for the shot. Whatever, I still got the first-hand experience and that’s more than I had before. Right?