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Life in an Instant

I did too much this weekend. I feel kinda burnt from it all. What sucks is that I have no photographic proof that any of it even happened.

I was the Sober Sister for Sheena’s belated birthday shindig for her and Logan. We went to Finn’s her in town. I had never been there before, but primarily because it’s not my type of bar. I enjoy the quieter places where one can kick back with a drink and have conversations with people. Finn’s is not that place. If you’re looking for a bar that has loud music with a dance floor, multiple bartenders working at intense speeds, pool tables and large crowds of people looking to get drunk and dance their faces off, then a place like Finn’s is the bar for you. I did feel a little special shuffling in behind Logan as you had to be on the guest list to get in. 
After meeting a few new friends and seeing one of my old bartender’s from the Abbey, the girls and I headed to Jack in the Box for a quick snack before popping into Basil’s for a few last drinks for the night. Not sure how it happened, but Logan managed to get a guy to buy her a drink AND give her $5 for her to buy tacos from Jack Round Deux later that night. She was pretty much our hero for that. For those of you that might think it’s wrong to get a guy to do that for a girl, I say you are wrong. This fool spilled beer all over Sheena’s dress and wouldn’t leave us alone, despite how many times I kept telling him it was Girl’s Night Out and that we just wanted to have a few quiet beers and talk. Oh, and this guy started out our visit by hitting on me at the door, Sheena when we sat down and then moved his attention to Logan when he saw he wasn’t getting anything out of us. I do commend his friend for playing the role of Wing Man as well as he did. However, it wasn’t good enough. The night was salvaged with Jack Round 2.
Needless to say, I didn’t get up until almost 1p on Saturday. And then proceeded to get dragged out to the Abbey that night by Jeff. I felt pretty bad for being really anti-social when we got there. A night at the bar for the two of us means downing some beers while we play on our phones the entire time, breaking every once in a while for conversation. It works for us, though. The exhaustion from the night before and the housework I had to put in that day made me a crabby Joey, but I think I was forgiven for it. It also didn’t help that I attempted to make shrimp tempora and ramen and had it go terribly wrong.
Sunday morning, I decided I was going to take it WAY easy. Spend some me time and just relax. I treated myself to some sushi for lunch and a spot of shopping afterward. I bought some AMAZING finds at the thrift store that day and I finally got a new vacuum cleaner! It’s another crappy cheap one, but it’s working a lot better than my last one ever did. Plus, it’s not nearly as loud. I spent the rest of my evening doing and folding laundry while watching Naruto Shippuden the rest of the night. 
That show really will be the end of me.

Exciting news approaches us: the next post will be my 100th post! I still have no idea what I’m going to write about. I’ve been scouring the interwebz for fantasical ideas and I’m coming up short. Do you have any suggestions for me to play off of? I WANT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS! 

1. My lunch at Shogun
2. My attempt to see if Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and fruity tea would work together (it doesn’t)
3. I really wish I knew where all the matching pairs to my tube socks were (I have a black stripe one. Just one though)
4. Blue and white striped nails with little red hearts (and Naruto in the background)