Geek Chic

Around town

Oh gosh, what a day. I got up earlier than usual for a Saturday and decided to take a stab at doing a fashion post. Little did I know my photos were going to come out so grainy. Oh well, you can’t have it all. Practice makes perfect, right? More than anything, I’m really excited that I finally found a space in my home that I can take these photos in. I’m just sad that it has to be outside and that it looks so bland right now. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Took my parents’ dog in to Petco this morning for a quick groom before stopping by to see my grandma on my way to a thrift store. My mom had some free time, so we enjoyed a quick Mother-Daughter shopping session at Goodwill. I managed to walk away with some neat suspenders, a belt, a pair of shoes, a skirt, a shirt and a dress. All of them perfect for spring! I don’t normally have that good of luck with Goodwill. What’s nice about the one I go to is that it’s right next to a Target. A lot of brand new items make their way to the shelves. Unfortunately, none of the shoes were in my size. I found these beautiful jems by chance and they’re perfect for a few outfits I have. And did you see that sweet jacket?! I really wish I could have taken that baby home. I kind of regret not doing it. The desk I found for a friend, but it was a little too small for their liking. With a little paint and elbow grease, that thing would have been a steal. And for only $6! If I wasn’t overloaded with furniture, it would have been mine.

I ended my afternoon with a brisk walk using a workout plan I found on Pinterest. It’s a plan that eases you into running. Being asthmatic, running has always been a difficult challenge for me. One of my goals is to be fit for my Europe trip. I hoping that starting this new running plan helps me starting out. My biggest challenge will be eating healthier.

My outfit:
Dress – American Apparel (thrifted)
Tank – Forever 21
Shoes – Payless
Ring – purchased from street vendor
Bracelet – Unknown (thrifted)
Purse – L.J. Simone (thrifted)
Sunglasses – Target

Goodwill buys:
Dress – Petites by Willi
Shirt – Xhilaration for Target
Skirt – Events
Shoes – City Streets
Belt & Suspenders – Unknown