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Life in an Instant

Holy crap, this has been a hell of a week. No doodles on the photos this time because I’m just too tired to. I started my week off with a brunch with my dad at IHOP. That man loves him some breakfast food. If he was told that he could live off of pancakes and eggs for every meal for the rest of his life, he would eat them forever. The omelette I had wasn’t that bad, either.

Have you used Songza? It’s available for both Apple and Android phones, and its pretty awesome. I’ll be doing an app review later this week. It came in handy this weekend when I went with my friend, Kristen, up to Sacramento to visit some of the thrift shops and vintage boutiques. It was such an awesome day filled with shopping and photo taking. I can’t wait for you guys to see Kristen’s handiwork behind a camera. Her photos came out amazing.

Saturday night, my sister and youngest nephew came into town to visit and will be heading out this morning back for Oregon. It’s been amazing being able to spend some quality time with her. There’s an 11 year difference and we didn’t grow up together. It’s taken us a 20 years to really get to know each other, but I’m really glad we did. Getting to hang out with her and my nephew has been amazing. I’m sad to know she’s not going to be there when I get home, but I know I’m going to see her this summer anyways so it gives me something to look forward to. Lisa, mom and I have a little surprise up our sleeves that I’ll be excited to gush about in the upcoming months.

1. My nephew didn’t quite know how to handle my craziness.
2. However, my sister is exactly my kind of craziness.
3. One of the hanging mermaid statues in Hamburger Patties.
4. How I transport soup: double cupped with saran wrap.
5. A glimpse at Songza.
6. One of the most ridiculous product designs I’ve seen in a while, and of course it was on an As-Seen-On-TV channel.
7. My dad enjoy our meal at IHOP.