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Oh, Valentine’s Day. How you fill millions of people with high hopes, anxiety, stress and love, all at the same time. So, really, celebrating Valentine’s Day is really just like being in love.

Growing up, I always enjoyed holidays in which I could give and receive presents. Valentine’s Day wasn’t any different. If anything, it’s just like Halloween, only with cheesy costumes of cupids and hearts rather than zombies and witches. The one aspect I hated the most about VD has been the excessive amounts of pink all over the damn place. Really? Do you really need to paint the town pink? Please stop.

World’s Smallest Violin
Everyone has a sad Valentine’s Day story. Mine really isn’t all that heartbreaking. For this reason alone, I’m giving you a two-fer.

At some point while dating my ex-boyfriend (I might have been in high school still), he had given me the bad news that he would rather go out of town with his friends for the night of Valentine’s Day than spend it with me. He attempted to make it up to me by buying me a Cinderella VD balloon and a teddy bear. Let it be know that this in no way made up for it. He was already a crappy enough boyfriend for me to allow it to fly too much. In the end, I forgave him, but it add one more notch on the tombstone of our so-called relationship.

My freshman year of high school, I began dating a friend for a little bit. I had found out through a friend that he wanted to break up with me, but was afraid my friends from junior high would jump him. VD was quickly approaching and he wanted to avoid having to go through the holiday with me and the feeling of obligation for presents. The funniest part of this was the fact that he was absolutely terrified that I would have my friends from junior high jump him. When my friend relayed this information to me, I couldn’t help but laugh and be made all at the same time. I explained to her that I was cool with it; his kisses were awkward and I felt like I was getting leftovers as 2 of my friends had once dated him as well. I decided my VD present to him would be an easy way out and ended the “relationship” myself.

Knowing what I know now of both boyfriends and situations, I made wise decisions to walk away (no matter how overdue the decisions might have been).

Ritualistic Behavior
This will be our 4th VD together. I’m excited because that means our 5th year of dating is just a couple of months away. I will confess that we’re a bit boring. Our tradition is to order sushi to-go from our favorite restaurant. We hate waiting for tables and love the privacy we get of eating alone. It gives us a chance to celebrate the holiday properly. The best part is that neither of us have to worry about cooking. We also do this for our anniversary as well. We really love sushi. Like, really love it. I’m planning on either getting us a Baskin Robbins cake or making crepes (our other food obsession) for dessert tonight. Maybe we’ll watch a little bit of TV, and then who knows where the night may take us? 😉

Show ‘Em What You’re Workin’ With
WHO CARES IF YOU’RE SINGLE?! I think singles need to focus on the positive sides of the holiday, rather than the negatives. For one, there’s a shit ton of money you’re saving on dinner and gifts, and who doesn’t like to save? And who says you can’t spread the love to your friends?

I once pulled a Phantom of the Opera on a dear friend of mine and left her a single stem rose with a black ribbon tied to it on her car for VD years ago. It was the first time we had both been single at the same time, and I really wanted to do something special for her for helping me through my break up at the time. If she’s reading this, then I’ve totally outted myself on the surprise. Oh well, I lasted 6 years with the secret.

I feel bad for not having done anything for my girl friends this year. I had planned on making valentine cards and cute little treats, but I fell behind on school work and crapped on my efforts this year. Oh! Maybe we can do a Unvalentine’s Day tomorrow! Challenge accepted!

Well, my readers. I wish you the most happiest of Valentine’s Day. Be safe, get some, or get drunk.