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Man, I don’t remember having taken this many photos in a really long time, but I’m glad I did. What an eventful week!

After having such good luck with my little basil plant at work, I wanted to make sure my green thumb stayed nourished and planted some vegetables at home. I got the idea to make my own starter pot using a brick of seed started dirt from Target and this pin from Pinterest. Everything was going great until a neighbor’s son wondered over to my plants and destroyed 4 of them. I’m pretty sure the area next to my apartment where the water and energy meters are currently runs the risk of cucumbers and green onions. I’ll let you know in a few weeks.

Friday was Mustache Friday at The Abbey. Jeff and I, along with our friends Lauren and Buddy, nerded up the place with a little Magic: The Gathering action and blogging. It was hilarious! I’ve never seen people look so confused before. It was great. Last night, a small group of us made the drive up to Sacramento to see K.Flay in concert and SHE WAS AMAZING! We all had a starstruck moment when we realized we had arrived at The Assembly at the same time as her. It was one of the best trips to Sac I’ve had in a long time. Now to plan my next day trip…