Nerd Life

My Nerd Love

Has it really been five years? I guess it has. That’s only a little crazy to me. He’s my nerd love that I’ll always treasure unless he shatters my heart and I’m forced to bury him under a speed bump. We’re the strangest couple you’ll ever meet, and I love it. 
Chance Meetings
In high school, I had to have minor “surgery” done on my left toe. As a result, I got to wear my Invader Zim slippers to school for a week during my sophomore year. This random freshman boy came up to me, pointed at my slippers and got really excited that I had Gir slippers and watched the show. A high-five later and we were back en route to our classes. Occasionally throughout the next two years, we’d smile at each other in the halls or give a quick head nod. He was my silly slipper friend, and I was the cool chick with Invader Zim slippers to him. We didn’t roll in the same circles, but his friends were friends with my now ex-boyfriend and his friends. 
We ran into each other twice after high school; once at a coffee shop and once at the Harry Potter book 7 release party at Barnes & Nobles. He told me later that he tried to get my number to ask me out, but my ex was always a step ahead to kill his chances. 
Third Time’s a Charm
One night, I got REALLY bored at home. Two of my friends had cancelled on me for coffee. Before I had a chance to give up hope from escaping my room at my parents’ place, I got a friend request from Jeff and a minute later he IM’d me on AIM. Remember AOL Instant Messenger, folks? I feel like I’m dating myself here. He didn’t have plans and I conned him into meeting me at Java Aroma for coffee. I remember having such a great time talking with him and laughing and catching up. Within a few meet-ups, he knew my past and I knew his. We’d grab a cup of coffee and walk around the slightly hidden shopping center, sitting on the benches every once in a while to soak in the moment. One night, he told me about how he borrowed the Death of Superman the animated movie from a friend of his and still hadn’t seen it. I told him that he should let me know when he was free one night and I’d come over and watch it with him. He agreed. It was the best first date I have ever had. There was awkwardness, cuddling and nerding out. What girl would ask for more?
I had been on the fence about pursuing him. I had just gotten out of a terrible five-year long relationship and I worried about getting on the dating horse with serious intentions. Until he told me that he was a part of the Power Rangers fan club as a child. And that he still enjoyed the PR series. From that moment on, he was a gazelle and I was a lioness about to gobble him whole. He really never stood a chance.
Nerd love is all you need
I’ve never met a person I could full-blown nerd out with and not feel self-conscious about it with. He joins me on the couch while I jump from watching Power Rangers to X-Files to Charmed to New Girl, and I join him in enjoying comic books and playing intense rounds of Magic: The Gathering. As far as couples go, we’re definitely not the most conventional. Any friends I have reading this are probably laughing and thinking to themselves, “these people have no idea.”

Like all relationships, it’s never fluffy clouds and rainbows and sunshine with fresh flowers and smiles all the time. We’ve had our rough patches, our arguments. There are things we do to irritate the hell out of each other to the point where we want to beat the other person with a lightsaber to knock some sense into them. We’ve had moments where we almost went into Super Saiyan mode with rage over petty things. I think if we didn’t I’d be much more concerned. We don’t know what yet lies ahead for us. All we know is that right now we’re happy, and that’s really what matters most.

Here’s to another year of happiness and nerd love to us, babe.