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The Freebie List

Oh, the Freebie List. Such a lovely pass time of thinking of 10 celebraties you have a free pass of cheating on your significant other with, without having to deal with any issues afterward. Anyone you talk to these days has a list, whether they’re in a relationship or not. Most people I know have a list for famous men, a list for famous women, a list for male fictional characters and a list for female fictional characters. Some people even include deceased celebrities just in case the opportunity arises. (Always better to be safe than sorry, I suppose.) 
The chances of actually being in a position to sleep with someone from your top ten list is as small a chance as Ross getting the chance to sleep with Isabella Rossillini, only to remember that he took her off his laminated list. In other words, extremely slim. However, I thought I’d spicy things up a bit here and share my list with you. My list has no order of importance, except for number one. He will remain in the number one position. This is not negotiable. 

The Freebie List – Male Celebraties
1. James Phelps (Harry Potter series)
2. Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)
3. Anthony Jeselnik (The Anthony Jeselnik Offensive)
4. Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory)
5. Matt Smith (Doctor Who)
6. Mark Jake Johnson (New Girl)
7. Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who)
8. Jason Segal (How I Met Your Mother)
9. TJ Thyne (Bones)
10. David Tennant (Doctor Who)

Have I noticed that I have a type? You bet your ass I did. Funny enough, it wasn’t until I found that particular photo on Google of Jason Segal and realized I liked him because he reminded me SO much of Jeff that I started to see a trend with everyone else. Apparently, my criteria for men is an amazing sense of humor, sweet hair, baller facial hair and having a baby face. Seriously, though. Have you seen the hair on these men? I love that James Phelps is rocking the longer locks at the moment. I also love how David Tennant is the only person smiling out of all of these photos.

Defend Your Choices
Do I really need to? I mean, look at these men. I hate children, but I would gladly reproduce with any of these men and assume full responsibility.

James Phelps had to go on there and had to be at number one. I love the Phelps twins, but James was always my favorite. Jeff is fully aware I would leave him for James and is ok with this spot of information. While I know that NPH is happily married with children, not to mention I’m not his type because I don’t have a penis, I still would be happy to be his side-line lover. Anthony Jeselnik stole my heart with his latest show. I love his east coast accent and how his jokes have solidified my journey to hell in the afterlife for laughing so ridiculously hard at them. I think my feelings for Johnny Galecki might be a bit too circumstantial; he would need to be in full on nerd gear for me to be ok with this. I’m totally ok with both of us dressed in Enterprise uniforms.

Matt Smith and David Tennant are obvious choices. Since the Doctor doesn’t really exist, my next best bet is to be with the men that played him. Would I sit in a Doctor Who cast sandwich with these men and Arthur Darvill? In half a heartbeat. No questions asked. TJ Thyne was always my favorite on Bones. Yes, I am fully aware that David Boreanaz is also on the show, but how can I pass up this sexy beast?! I can’t. Every time I see Jason Segal in anything my first reaction is to hug him and just cuddle up next to him. I could do this all day, no joke.

The Benched (Honorable Mentions)
John Francis Daley
Zachary Quinto
Sean Connery (circa the 60s)
Harrison Ford
Pierce Brosnan
Lamourne Morris (New Girl)
Max Greenfield (New Girl)

I’m interested to find out who’s on your Freebie List! Let me know! Maybe we can compare notes. 😉