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Thrift Easy – Sacramento



(Photos 4, 8, 11, 15 and 16 by me. All other photos courtesy of Kristen Hennings.)
You cannot believe how incredibly late I am launching this post. “I chalk it up to bad timing,” as Jessica Day said in the “Cooler” episode of New Girl. Unfortunately, a huge cloud of darkness reigned supreme over my life for a short while, causing a major delay in me posting this. Better late than never, right?
On the last Sunday of February, I took a thrift and vintage trip my photographer friend, Kristen Hennings, in Sacramento. My only regret was that we didn’t have enough time to hit all 9 places we had mapped out that week. These stores were amazing. In Stockton, the thrift and vintage shopping experience is quite limited if you work an 8-5 job during the week. Her town of Ripon is also quite limited, as well. Both being fans of second-hand goods, it only made sense for us to grab our cameras and recently-cashed paychecks, and high-tail it up to Sacramento for some retail therapy.
We were most surprised by how adorable the shops and their selections were. Walking in, you would have no idea that these clothes weren’t brand-new, off the rack pieces. Everything was in amazing condition. I may have spent well over the budget I set for myself, but buyer’s remorse was shoved into the dark depths of my mind as I twirled around in pretty new dresses and strutted my stuff in my new tank and bracelet. If I had some bank to roll with, you better believe we both would have gone home with those fabulous wardrobe trunks featured above. It made us sad to have to walk away from them. 
Stop #1 – Lost Treasures
This quaint little store had the coolest art and home goods I’ve seen in a while. This stop wasn’t a part of our original route, but we parked nearby and knew we would regret it if we didn’t at least stop in and take a look. While we didn’t walk away with anything, we did see some awesome finds we wish we could have taken with us, like the wardrobe trunks. I also found an amazing piece of art by a local artist that I wish I would have picked up to hang in my living room. The employees were quite friendly and the prices we extremely affordable if you’re looking for some great finds that won’t leave you eating Top Ramen for the rest of the pay period. 
Stop #2 – SPCA Thrift Store
We sold pieces of our soul to this store and don’t regret it for a second! This pet-friendly thrift store was volunteer-operated and had a great sale on winter coat’s while we were there. I was extremely jealous of the jackets Kristen scored while there. They were awesome! They had a room for coats and a room called “Hipster” for all your in-style vintage finds. I found the most adorable little teacup with strawberries on it. Unfortunately, it was a part of a 2-piece set and the other cup was missing. They gave me a great deal on it though. We both left the store with a new dress and I managed to get one of those neat cardboard owls that you put together by the numbers (I can’t find it on the site, but all of the websites I searched had them for this company). My buddy at work got a similar one as a tarantula and I’ve wanted one ever since. While I already had an owl figurine I scored at the Dollar Store, I couldn’t pass this $2 baby up! 
Stop #3 – LUNCH! at Hamburger Patties
Who doesn’t love a good hamburger after a few hours of shopping? I took Kristen for her first experience at the famous Hamburger Patties (formally known as Hamburger Mary’s) for some burgers and chili cheese fries. She loved it and I was excited to be back at one of my top 5 favorite restaurants on this planet. Every restaurant should have metal mermaid statues floating from the ceiling, in my opinion.
We LOVED this little shop. The ladies of the French Cuff Boutique were warm, fun and welcoming, despite the fact that they were in the midst of Sac Fashion Week! I hope that if I’m ever to work a Sac Fashion Week show I’m as cool and collected as these gals were! While Kristen had to take a bust at this shop, I walked out with an Alexander Wang tank, a J.Crew bracelet and a Vivienne Tam skirt. I’m so excited to shop there again in the future. The boutique was as adorable on the inside as it’s front window, with bright colors on the inside and an awesome shoe wall that was all built-in shadow boxes. 
If we had it our way, Kristen would have walked away with the entire store. High-waist denim shorts to vintage dresses, this store had the perfect mix of new and used. The store was located next door to French Cuff Boutique and made our journey short and sweet. They used a vintage wardrobe trunk to display their newer garments right when you walk in and had this neat branch hanging from the ceiling to display their jewelry. After seeing that, I knew I had to find a way to recreate that look in my room. Too bad I have no space (sad-face). Behind the counter, the store had several outfit ideas hanging, and I’m still beating myself up for not buying the cute little french outfit that I saw. What is wrong with me?! The world may never know.
We ended our day at a Starbucks down the street for some rest and deep conversations before making the drive back home. Now that things in my life have calmed down a bit, I’m planning on making another thrifting trip, this time in my own hometown. I’ll show you guys my favorite spots to hit in the simple town of Stockton.
My outfit:
Sweater – Kohl’s
Dress – Ross
Boots –  Sheik
Purse – Coach Poppy
Sunglasses – Target
Ring and Cuff Bracelet – Thrifted

Kristen’s outfit:
Sweater – T.J. Maxx
Shirt – Obey (men’s, thrifted)
Leggings – Target
Scarf – Cost Plus World Market
Boots – Target
Purse – Cost Plus World Market
Rings – American Eagle (black ring), Beardslies (scripture ring) and grandmother’s ring (gift)
Camera – Cannon EOS 20D with 55mm lens