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Throwback Thursday – The X-Files: Fight the Future

This movie. Let me tell you about this movie.

I was a big fan of The X-Files back in the day. I wasn’t able to become a HUGE fan back then because my parents had me in more extracurricular activities than should probably be allowed for a kid at that age, but I loved the series. So, when the movie came out in theaters, I gave my dad no choice but to take me to see it. And it was amaz-balls.

The soundtrack was absolutely amazing. It was at the height of my love for alternative rock music and it fueled my preteen angst upon learning I would be attending a catholic high school in one year’s time. Filter’s “One” will forever be burned into my mind and continues to play on it’s own whenever I think about the number one and how lonely it must feel. The first time I ever heard a Bjork song was while playing this soundtrack in my room while trolling the AOL kids chat rooms with my junior high buddies.

Seriously, how can you not watch anything regarding this series. It has sexual tension, aliens, suspense and action. Its everything you should need and more.

I wish I could just crawl into a hidden box and consume myself with all things X-Files. That would be so glorious.