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Vertical Horizons

Here’s some food for thought today: Milan will be housing the first vertical forest! How crazy is this?!

For the life of me I can’t find the original blog I found this on, but the Huffington Post is all over the World’s First Vertical Forest to open later this year in Milan, Italy. This is Milan’s response to the growing pollution that’s been taking over the city, and making it the most polluted city in all of Italy. So, rather than taking it and accepting the consequences, they have been implementing Stefano Boeri‘s amazing architectural design that combines vegetation with housing. The buildings are actually apartment complexes that will house something around 400 residents. The vegetation that is being planted all around the towers are also supposed to help the residents with (of course) clean air and shade. According to HP, the vegetation is supposed to be equivalent to around 10,000 sq. meters (or 107,600 sq. ft. for us Americans). Could you image if we built 5-10 of these babies in every major major city in the world?!

Damn, I wish we had something this cool.