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Life in an Instant

Oh, May. I’m still not sure how I felt about you. I’m also not sure what happened to my image above. I told it to do one size but it refuses to come out that way. Perhaps it’s about time to switch back to weekly feeds.

I made the effort to get out there and do stuff though. I’m proud I was able to accomplish that much. With the aid of my awesome cleaning girl and her trusted sidekick, we turned my apartment right-side-up a couple of weekends ago and managed to get my work space into usable condition. I have several piles of things to donate and things to throw away. I’m hoping to finish up everything and start posting pictures this weekend. After a year and two months of living there, I finally have it close to living conditions! *fist pump*

Festivus 2013 went strong this past month with the bi-annual Lodi Street Faire during the first Sunday of the month, and the Oakdale Chocolate Festival. While Jeff and I had to walk away from the Chocolate Festival without our tea-infused chocolate (and me a back sprain), we still came up on a lot of good treats and the memory of a live cover band singing us some sweet tunes. Between that and Jeff graduating and the nights spent at The Abbey, May went by in a bit of a blur, but I’m a little excited to see it gone. It was moving far too slow for my liking.