Captain's Log

Meet the Roberts: The Monterey Bay Experience, Day 1

I’m currently writing to you from the balcony overlooking the water in the hotel room I’ll be sharing with my parents tonight at the Monterey Bay Inn. The air is chilly, the water is filled with seals and birds, and there’s the tiniest of light over the mountains in the distance that makes them look like their covered in snow rather than bathed in the hot sun. From here, I can see the Seaside Beach I spent many summers frequenting with my ex and his family. Small patches of evening light are starting to pop up around the city, despite the fact that it’s only around 8 p.

In Stockton, it’s still bright and hot outside. Around this time, I’d be waiting for Jeff to come by to get me before we headed over to the Abbey for a pint. Do I miss him? A bit, yeah. But it’s a simple sacrifice for such a great vacation.Tomorrow will be not only National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and National Doughnut Day, but it will also be my mom’s birthday! We’re all pretty excited about it.

We spent the day heading into Carmel, CA for some lunch and shopping before hitting the famous 17 Mile Drive. Our check-in time wasn’t until about 4 p, so we made sure we made the absolute most of our time. My dad had originally protested saying that it would take us an hour to get through the drive and miss our check-in time, to which we promptly told him he was complaining about nothing and that an hour was way over shooting it.

We hate it when he’s right. It happens so few times, but in such epic of ways.

My mom and I probably had more fun than we should have. At one point, Mr. Mister’s “Take These Broken Wings” came on this oldies radio station we were bumpin and we started doing interpretive dancing in the front seat. it was great. We ended the evening by hitting up Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on Cannery Row for some sweet table-on-table competitive Forest Gump trivia action and an excessive amount of seafood.

The mist is starting the come in along with the fog, so I’ll be taking my laptop, coffee and butt back inside for some serious photo editing.