Nerd Life

Life in an Instant

While I had originally asked for a calm, quiet weekend, I had a strong feeling that I would not have my wish granted. Looking back on the past week, I’m still not a 100% sure whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. Focusing on the positives in life, I can be thankful for my one little tomato (to be eaten tonight), my new skill earn in Mistake-Free Grammar and Proofreading, and the fact that I was taken for free to the Jerry Seinfeld comedy show that was held at the Bob Hope Theater this past Thursday night. Larry Miller ended up opening. Both comedians were great that night! Unfortunately, that was really the only photo I could get. I tried to sneak in a few more, but the event staff caught onto me and hovered for the second half of the show. Oops.
1. The stage at the Bob Hope Theater
2. My certificate of completition for the Mistake-Free Grammar and Proofreading class I took
3. Creepy stone baby statue at my friend’s house
4. One little tomato is ready for picking