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Life in an Instant

What an emotionally straining week! My dad’s birthday present finally came in, and I was very happy that he was as excited to receive it as I was to shop for it. It was a bit of a nightmare because every idea I had kept falling through, but I prevailed against my shopping woes!

Speaking of woes, this week I had to say farewell to a few good men at the office. My working buddies, Josh and Michael, moved their warehouse up to Sacramento over the weekend. Their company used to share the building with mine. My work breaks will be uneventful, boring and overall less exciting without them here. *heavy sigh*

On a much happier note, Jeff’s birthday was yesterday (thus the reason for my post coming in so late). We had to celebrate on Saturday since Sunday was a work night. I made High Water Campfire Stout Chocolate Cupcakes with marshmellow, shaved chocolate, graham cracker crumbs and powdered sugar. I essentially gave everyone a diabetic coma as a party favor for coming to the bar that night. Jeff was pretty stoked about it all, especially when Killa Priest from the Wu-Tang Clan showed up at the bar and hung out at our table for a bit.

I’m hoping for a much less exciting week this week. I don’t think my heart can take much more of this tug and pull.

1. Jeff’s birthday cupcakes. They were only kind of a mess
2. (Left to right) Lauren, Jeff, me, Zach, Buddy, and Guilio at the bar for Jeff’s birthday party
3. A picture of a picture of the cupcakes in progress (more to come)
4. Dogfish Head Brewery’s Positive Contact (which I kept accidentally calling “Content” in all of my posts. Sorry! I was drunk.) is the best damn 10% beer I’ve ever had. And it’s on draft right now. Mm mm good.
5. Josh asked me to hold onto his skulls while they moved. I proceeded to bargain a ransom: they move back to Lodi and I don’t keep them locked in the Temple of Doom. Clearly, I was not successful.
6. Lauren and I enjoying the Positive Contact beer while doing our best impressions of my boyfriend taking pictures of himself with his beer.
7. Outback Steakhouse’s Chicken Artichoke Flatbread. Seriously, you all need to buy this RIGHTNOW. I will be doing a full on review for this delicious piece of art later this week.
8. This just happens to be where Jeff paused the TV during Man Fire Food on the Cooking Channel. Can we all just take a moment to enjoy the traumatization this poor kid went through seeing that pig laid out like that? Oh, the hilarity.