Nerd Life

Life in an Instant

As lively as this past week has been, it’s also been very stressful. I’ve been lucky for the few little breaks in the norm to get me through it. I’ve managed to get my garden in order (will post more later), add onto my little green family, say ‘see you later’ to a friend who will be spending the next 3 months in the Philippines to visit family, experience the Burger King delivery system and attend a house-warming party for one of Jeff’s friends from high school. Everything else was work and school stress that shall be shoved in to my no-longer-care box. Let’s just say that I’m glad last week is over and that I got to start this week waking up next to my love.

Here’s to a better new week for us all!

1. How BK delivers your burger to you. Black lids separates top bun and veggies from meat, cheese and bottom bun. All folds into each other. It’s incredible, but was not worth the 70-minute wait.
2. The online BK menu.
3. Maryalice and I at her going away party.
4. A refreshing glass of beer to celebrate the week being half-way over.
5. My new spider bush plant from one of my friends at work.
6. My new garden gnome hiding in my mixed pepper patch.