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Pose and Click

I recently grabbed my friend, Janine, and dragged her out to The Abbey and to the University of Pacific’s grounds to snap some test shots for my online boutique. Unfortunately, I realized much too late that the batteries on ALL of my cameras were dead. I went immediately in to panic mode. Janine was nice enough to clear out her evening to help me accomplish a task I didn’t fully prepare for. I had the dress, I had the test crown, and I even had the locations to try out. How could I have forgotten something as ridiculously important as the freakin camera?

Luckily, my phone had 100% battery charge and had tons of photo editing apps installed before the complete meltdown activated. My Samsung Galaxy Note I hasn’t failed me yet with outside shots, so I wasn’t about to start doubting it at that moment. While it was slightly awkward being the only photographer out there at the time taking pictures with a phone of all things, I’m so glad I did it. While I don’t normally recommend someone doing test shots with a phone, I no longer think it’s necessarily a bad thing.

Janine and I were on a major time crunch because she had to be somewhere at a specific time and I was running out of usable sunlight for the photos. As it was, I still wasn’t 100% sure the locations in town I had picked out would have even worked. Being able to quick run from one spot to another in an hour and a half (we may have stopped for a quick beer) was so much easier with just a phone in hand. There was another location that we tested at that didn’t make this final cut due to it being a residential area that had been overly decorated for the July 4th holiday that I hadn’t accounted for. Such is life.

Later that night, while having a drink with my boyfriend back at The Abbey, I quickly jumped on my phone and loaded a few of the photos into my Photoshop Express app and messed with the brightness, contrast, saturation, effects and borders to get the photos to the style I wanted to see. And I didn’t do too bad with trying to eyeball the levels of each layer on the different photos. Especially considering I have the brightness turned all the way down on my phone’s screen and the bar is a bit dim inside.

Next time you find yourself in a photography bind, have a little faith in your phone. With a charged battery, spare charger and a few good apps, you’d really be amazed at how well your phone can pull through for you in a pinch.

What I used:
Samsung Galaxy Note series (these phones are my JAM)
Adobe Photoshop Express (for Android; sorry iDorks)