Shop This, Buy That: It’s Polka Spotted on Etsy

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Do you remember those autograph books we would get as children to take to theme parks and run around getting as many character signatures as possible? You know what usually happens to them in the end: nothing. Not a damn thing. Most people I know ended up throwing theirs away. What the hell were you going to do with a few pages of random signatures from people that don’t really exist in what was essentially a glorified (and overly priced) notebook?

What if you could do more with those memories, though? What if there was a way to keep not only those signatures of your child’s favorite characters and the pictures you take of them together in one beautifully bound book forever?

It’s Polka Spotted is run by Chelsea Shiota, based in Lodi and available on Etsy. Chelsea has a magical touch when it comes to paper crafts and has made available the most adorable, well laid out scrapbook+autograph books I’ve ever seen. These books are available at the starting price of $25, and can have additional blank or specific character pages added from there. Not only that, but the cover is personalized to have the name of your child on the front, something they can truly cherish forever. No two books are ever the same. I wish these had been around when I was a kid!

This talented crafter doesn’t stop at just these books, though. She also has a beautiful section of invitations (birthday, wedding, etc.), greeting and thank you cards and baby blankets up her sleeve. If you happen to find yourself in Lodi, CA sometime, drop by Weekends at Nana’s Attic (a store that supports other local vendors, crafters and artisans) to see more of her fabulous creations!