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Life in an Instant

Last was really, really nice. From trying out a new sandwich shop near my work in Lodi to a yacht themed housewarming party, it definitely stayed interesting. The present that Jeff ordered for me finally came in this past Wednesday (Fred and George Weasley’s wands). I promptly fangirled and began crying. He didn’t know what to do with himself at that. He was very pleased with himself over my reaction. And after a week like mine, I needed a relaxing Saturday to calm down after it all. I just wished I had remembered to buy a breakfast pastry for today while I was at the bakery yesterday. *sad face*

1. View of the parking lot and the apartment complex across the street from Panne Levain Bakery.
2. Panne Levain Bakery’s latest menu item, the Grill Chicken Wrap with avocado and cheese
3. My Weasley wands
4. The lovely Lauren and her main man, Kyle, rocking their yacht wear.
5. Stripes sisters
6. The gyro sandwich from Scooter’s (restaurant review coming soon)