Nerd Life

Party Down

1. The handmade mini pinata that Kristen sweetly made me (not shown: the amazing rose painting she gave me).
2. Kristen and our coworker, Doug, awkwardly “posing” for the camera. Good job, guys.
3. Our other coworker, Shawn, and I cheering.
4. Sun through the trees seen from the base of the tree where I sat during my birthday picnic with my parents.
6. My mom was very sweet and forced me to drive to Baskin Robbins for an overly priced birthday cake and ice cream we all promptly got sick off of because she and I are lactose intolerant and my dad is on a diet and isn’t used to dessert anymore.
7. MUSTACHE CAKE! Thank you Alex! 27 candles courtesy of my friend, Logan.
8. Fire starters
9. I blew out the candles too fast and so Buddy took the photo while I reenacted the event. Logan and Alex were not pleased with my fear of the smoke alarm going off and quickness with the candles. Sorry ladies.
10. Lauren arrived at the end of the night before Jeff and I took off and surprised me with a rainbow rose she got at the Stockton Pride After Party she worked. Surprisingly, this flower is still alive in my vase. No one is exactly sure how.

A belated thank you to everyone who made my birthday absolutely delightful!